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The Institute for Energy, Recycling and Environmental Protection, an example of Public Private Partnership in the field of applied research and development, was founded in the year 2000. The Institute is supported by two partners from industry, (Nehlsen AG, Diersch & Schröder GmbH & Co. KG) and the City University of Applied Sciences of Bremen and serves as a bridge between science and industry so that, on the one hand, more knowledge can be gained and made available to others and, on the other hand, the needs and requirements of those who work in the field can be taken into account in research and training.

The aim of the Institute is the development of ecologically and economically reasonable technical solutions for the energy and environmental sector, industry and service sector.
The Institute focuses on projects on reuse, recycling and the cycle management of materials.

Institut für Energie und Kreislaufwirtschaft an der Hochschule Bremen GmbH
(Institute for Energy, Recycling and Environmental Protection at Bremen University of Applied Sciences)
Neustadtswall 30
28199 Bremen
Phone: +49 421 / 5905-2326







The department Resilient Energy Systems at the University of Bremen is particularly concerned with the resilient design of energy systems, taking technical, social and economic aspects into account. In terms of method, modeling and simulation, vulnerability and risk analysis, methods of social science empiricism and stakeholder-based assessment approaches are used. In addition, methods of classic technology assessment (including life cycle assessment, risk assessment, toxicology, cost / benefit analysis, scenario technology) are used, which are further developed in the respective research framework, right up to the concept-oriented technology design. The resilience approach of design and development of technologies is understood as a bionic approach, in the sense of "learning from nature".

University of Bremen
Resilient Energy Systems
Enrique-Schmidt-Straße 7
28359 Bremen
Phone: +49 421 / 218-64896






brands & values GmbH is a management consultancy specialized in sustainablility consulting. The main focus is on ecological sustainability. The business areas can be divided into the following areas:

  • Life cycle assessment & life cycle analysisLebenszyklusanalyse
  • Environmental management
  • Sustainability strategy
  • Sustainability communication & reporting
  • Sustainability software

brands & values GmbH
Altenwall 14
28195 Bremen
Phone: +49 421 / 709084-33









RecyleWind • Recycling network - self-learning and resilient • IEKrW

This Project (FKZ: AUF0009) is funded by the Bremer Aufbau-Bank GmbH with funds from the „Programm zur Förderung angewandter Umweltforschung AUF“ by the Bremen Senator for climate protection, environment, mobility, urban development and residential building and with funds of the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE).